Friday, November 30, 2007

Compare/Contrast Part 1

This week My Girl and My Boy are learning to write compare/contrast papers. For their first try, they are writing about a familiar topic that interests them.

Here is My Girl's --

I really like Christmas and New Year's. They are different and similar in some ways. I want to tell you about what they have in common, and their differences. Shall I begin?

Christmas is about love, cheer, and celebrating Christ. You also get gifts, make cookies for Santa, buy a tree and decorate it, hang stockings, and have family come over.

New Year's is a lot of fun. You can stay up all night if you want to! On New Year's you celebrate a new year. It is the last day in December, and it's the beginning of January, too. You can buy noise makers and wave them in the air when it turns midnight.

New Year's and Christmas are also similar in some ways. For example, they're both in December, and they're in winter. And we can't forget that they are both holidays. Every one celebrates them, and people are always happy.

I don't know which one I like better. All I know is that they are in my top five favorites of holidays. Are they in yours? I hope so, because you don't want to miss celebrating New Year's and Christmas.

And here's My Boy's:

Nintendo DS vs. Nintendo Wii
It is not easy to decide whether a Nintendo DS is better than a Nintendo Wii, or if a Wii is better than a DS. I own both, and I am very pleased with them. Here are the statistics as I see them.

A Nintendo DS is light and portable. So if you are in the car a lot or unable to reach an outlet or T.V., just grab your DS and you can do a lot of different things. For example: if you have a friend who has a DS and a game that will allow it, you can join a "party" or group that can hold different amounts of people and play your friend's game with them over WI-FI connection. The DS has a touch screen and built-in speakers as well. It is almost always in stock and is cheaper than most game consoles.

Although the Nintendo Wii does not have its own screen, which is needed to play, it does have many good features. The Wii has a remote for a controller. With the remote you can point at the screen, which will show where you are pointing as a little hand, to select whatever icon you wish. The Wii has a "Wii Shop Channel" where you can buy games to go on the Wii that are stored on the Wii's memory. You can buy games from the Wii Shop Channel that were originally designed for the NES game system and others that are not that old. The Wii also has 2 other channels called "Wii News" and "Wii Weather".

Now I will tell you about their similarities. They both have WI-FI connection, both are made by Nintendo, and both have bright screens. They have good graphics, and both have wrist straps. They have good games, and they're new. And they will keep you entertained for hours.

Today I have shown you just why I am hapy with my Nintendo Wii and my Nintendo DS. Hopefully you can now decide which is the better system for you.

This week we were concentrating on the elements of c/c papers, so I didn't focus much on style. Next week, we'll do another one, relating to our history studies, and I'll help them improve their style a bit.


LoonyMom said...

Nintendo vs. Christmas! HAHAHA! Oh, that is so precious - and so true. This is what I'm in for in a few years, I think. ;-)

Blessings from another TOG mom!
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Kristine said...

I always enjoy reading other children's writings! Nice work. It looks like you are using TOG's writing component? (Since I don't remember a writing program in your sidebar?) While I considered TOG for awhile before deciding it wasn't a fit for ME, I hung on to the writing for another year, sometimes using it. It was terrific!