Tuesday, November 27, 2007

May I have your attention?

Sometimes I really wonder about my boy. When it comes to math he has never ever been able to find a focus and pay attention to what he is doing. I used to have to sit by his side and literally point to problem by problem to get him to stay on the task at hand. If not, he will just drift away to some far-off land known only by him. You could see his eyes glaze over, a slight grin would come on his face, and he would almost begin humming in pleasure. I still find myself having to sit by him in order to get him to focus his attention on it, but it is so frustrating! For both him and me. He is only this way with math. I've heard it said many times on other homeschooling boards that this will pass, he will grow out of it, it is common for boys, etc. etc. But when??? He is 13 yrs. old, and is doing algebra.

As this has gone on, he gets more and more discouraged. He wants to focus, but he doesn't know how. And I don't know how to help him. We've tried music, no music. We've tried desk, no desk. We've tried people around, no people around. We've tried timed lessons (a la Charlotte Mason)/ no timed lessons. Still he just sits there and daydreams.

Today is particularly bad, and I'm about at the end of my emotional rope. He is too. Isn't this something he just needs to buckle down and overcome? Am I asking too much? Surely, if he were in a classroom setting, his teacher would not give him the one-on-one approach. Wouldn't he just be left behind to flounder on his own? How can I help him to overcome this?

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