Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Preparing for the Season

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can begin preparing for Christmas. This year, I just had this feeling that I wanted to enjoy Thanksgiving for what it was and not push it aside in the rush for Christmas. Perhaps it was because our fall has been wacky here. The summer lasted forever, it seemed, and then we had a week or so of fall temperatures. Next thing we knew, it felt like winter! I'm not ready for that! I hate being cold.... The leaves here were really beautiful though. Some said our drought would ruin the fall color, but I think the lack of rain actually helped. The leaves stayed on the trees longer and the colors were brilliant.

Now, though, the Thanksgiving holiday is past, most of the leaves have fallen, and it is starting to look more like winter. So it's time to pull out the boxes of decorations, go to the mountains and find a tree, and start decking these halls!

Teaching Mom has this terrific advent calendar , with activities for each day of advent -- it begins this Sunday, December 2, so I have a few days to get ready.

We're also doing some Christmas copywork each day. My two dc really need some daily work on their cursive writing, so this will be helpful there. I'm planning to take each one's finished pages to Staples and have them comb bound so I can pull them out in later years.

I'll post later as I come up with more ideas and I will put up some pictures, too, I promise!

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