Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Traditions

I suppose all families have Christmas traditions. At least, I hope so, because I know that's what kids always look back on with the fondest of memories. I've tried to establish a few in our family, but I'm sure I've not been as creative with this or as consistent as I should have been.

One tradition is that each child gets a Hallmark ornament each year. I started this when they were born, and I picked out the ornaments for them until they were about 4 years old. Most of those ornaments are the traditional Christmasy ornaments like candy canes, rocking horses, etc. When they got old enough to choose their own, the variety really began! We've got Star Wars characters, miniature laptops, and even Tweety Bird. I try to guide them a little in their selection, reminding them that the purpose of this tradition is to build up a collection of ornaments that they will actually want to use when they move away from home! But it's really their choice, and my only real restriction is price. Have you seen how expensive some of those ornaments are?!? They have to keep their price under $20, and that's not always easy!

Another tradition my kids look forward to each year is "Moving the Santa." On a whim, I bought a fabric Santa wall hanging from Big Lots the year My Boy was born. It is about 3' by 2', with 24 pockets on the front. There is a small Santa hanging from a ribbon, and beginning December 1st, My Boy and My Girl take turns "moving the Santa" from pocket to pocket to count down the days to Christmas. I'm always surprised each year by how much they look forward to doing this, and how important it is to them.

We've begun a new tradition this year, and I think it turned out really well. My Girl was looking through a magazine in the fall and came across this ad:

The ad was for a Christmas train cake pan, and we both thought it looked like something fun to do. We have a local Williams Sonoma, so I stopped by and bought the pan along with a package of decorating candies. Here are some photos of MG and MB working on the train:

And here's the finished product.

We were really pleased with it, and are already looking forward to next year's. We've got a better idea this time about what types of candies to buy and how much icing to make. I'm sure it'll get better looking each Christmas!

My final Christmas "tradition" began today: the taking down of the decorations. Traditionally, it takes me a few weeks to get it taken down! I'm going to try to break tradition here, and take them all down by the end of the week ;-)

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Kristine said...

The train looks AWESOME! My kids are bored with the same old gingerbread house year after year. (I was surprised because it's not always the same--to me!)