Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tapestry of Grace Planning

I'm in the process of planning our next unit of Tapestry of Grace (TOG). We are completing Unit 2 of Year 4 in a couple of weeks, and I'm finding that I have a little bit of time this Christmas break to begin some of my planning for Unit 3.

During the past summer, I sat down at my computer with all 4 units of my Year plan and looked at my library's online catalog to see which books they had. Now, I use Classic TOG, and I don't mind writing with pencil on my pages (!) so here's what I do -- I underline all titles that I already own, and write a very small code beside each title that is held by a library. I'm lucky enough to live within a half-hour driving distance of 4 separate library systems, so I've developed a code to let me know which library holds which book, and I pencil in the code beside each book that is at a library. This is also when I make my list of books I'll need to purchase. Typically, I'll purchase books that are used more than 3 weeks or books that are not found in the library. Thankfully, that's not too many!

At the beginning of each unit (like now, for unit 3), I sit down with my unit plan and record which books I'll need from the library for which week on my Library Request form. Here's what that form looks like:

Library Request form

And you can see it more clearly here.

I like to have a "week at a glance" sheet for myself to record the essentials that my dc will be working on. This is mainly for Tapestry of Grace (TOG), because in most other subjects, they're just "doing the next thing." I've tried to find a planning book that would suit my needs, but I just end up using the book but ignoring all the preprinted lines and headings, and write in my own. So I've developed my own form:

Weekly plan sheet

Here's that form at Google docs.

I generally do one of these pages for each week of an upcoming unit, all at one time. Next year I'll print out enough for all 36 weeks of TOG and have them spiral bound at Staples ahead of time. For now, they're just held in a 3-ring binder.

Next, I pull out the Reproducibles CD and copy/paste all the Dialectic level Accountability and Thinking Questions into a Word document. Then I can add blank lines in between the questions so My Boy can write his answers on the sheet, and sometimes I take out a question or re-word it. I make one file with all of the questions for that unit and then print it out. I also print out any literature forms or history charts that are on the CD that we'll need for the upcoming unit.

After the Reproducibles CD comes the Map Aids CD. I print out each map for Grammar and Dialectic levels, along with the teacher maps. I staple all the teacher maps together and keep them with the student maps until the week we need them.

I keep all these papers and forms in my TOG accordian folder.

This is just one of those cute plastic accordian folders you can buy at Walmart. I keep all of my TOG related forms and papers there. I have a tab for co-op calendar, Unit notes, Week Pages, Writing assignment sheets, Writing Supplements, Library Requests, SAP's, Maps, and Student checklists.

I found that my pages are less damaged by keeping them this way than by keeping them in a 3-ring binder. Again, this is for Classic TOG, so I don't know how the Redesigned would work. I'll figure that out next year!

Then, on the weekends, I'll fill out a checklist for My Girl and My Boy. You can see a sample of them here.


LoonyMom said...

I need one of those accordion folders, I think. It sure would help to have all the student pages, maps, etc. printed ahead of time, and that's the perfect place for them!


LisaWA said...

Im laughing out loud as I type! You don’t use page protectors and you write on your TOG?? gasp!heeheehee just kidding. *Ü*

I like your library form and I go back and forth myself about different planners. Its hard to find the perfect one. Looks like you have a great new system though!

After Christmas I will plan year 3 classic unit 2. I’m looking forward to routine again.

Merry Christmas!!


tlcshopez said...

What are the q's on your daily planner sheet for the children? I do something similar in word and I really like what you are doing. Just curious.

OH, I PP and dot (and write on the PP with permanent markers of various colors).