Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Persuasive Writing

Last week (Week 17, Year 4, Unit 2) My Girl and My Boy wrote persuasive papers. Here's the results:

My Girl's:

Harry S. Truman’s Atomic bombs

Was Harry S. Truman right to drop the atomic bombs? I think he was, for if he hadn’t, he probably would have been fighting the Japanese longer.

“We shall never surrender!” That was Japan’s motto. They thought if they did surrender, they were dishonorable. So they would kill themselves, or fight to the death. That’s why the Americans hardly had any Japanese prisoners.

The two atomic bombs killed at least 150,000 people. The bombs themselves killed a lot, but radiation poisoning and injuries killed more.

Were all these deaths necessary? The bombings awakened the Japanese government, and eight days later they surrendered. You can see that Harry S. Truman was right to drop those bombs, because the Japanese had to surrender or their Country would die.

And here's My Boy's:

Hitler’s Mistake

In WWII, Hitler made a non aggression pact with Russia’s dictator Stalin. Soon after, Hitler broke that pact and invaded Russia. This made Russia turn to the Allies’ side against Germany and Italy. Hitler had made a horrible strategic mistake.

Hitler’s goal in life was to conquer the entire world, which he very well might have done, if he had played ‘Russia’s Buddy’. He would have naturally placed German troops on Russian soil and vice versa. Once his troops were ready and fortified they could rise up seemingly out of nowhere and take Russia, because the Russian troops were not as well equipped as the Germans.

Also, Nazi forces surrendered because they were being fired upon by Britain and Russia. Though it is true the Nazis could fight the Russians effectively, having to wage war against the U.S. and the British weakened them. Then while the Germans were worn out, the Russians attacked with all their might. As Germany’s size was shrinking, Hitler placed Admiral Karl Donitz to succeed him as head of state, and then committed suicide. Donitz then looked for peace with the Allies and the war was over May 8, 1945.

The Allies had done no easy feat. Thanks in part to a mistake that Hitler made, Hitler had lost a war that easily could have given him the world.

This week, My Girl is working on outlining skills a la Rod & Staff, and My Boy is working on researching skills by filling out the Week 18 chart on the Middle East countries.

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Kristine said...

Jana, great papers. I think TOG's writing program is awesome, and it shows here!

I "lost" your blog for awhile and spent some time today trying to find it. I thought I'd bookmarked it before, but this time I did for sure. I must "know" you from the boards, not a big yahoo list?

:) Kristine