Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ten Bucks

What can you get these days for $10?

A movie ticket.

Three gallons of gas.

A paperback novel.

One hank of Debbie Bliss cashmere yarn.

A one-way ticket on this:

Yes, that's right! For ten bucks, you can go from Greensboro, NC to Chicopee, MA. And another ten bucks will get you back home again.

How do I know this? My sweetie Man whisked me away on an overnight getaway for Valentine's Day. Yes, we know the destination wasn't the most romantic, but hey, for $40 total airfare just the night in a new place in a hotel was all we needed!

Granted, there aren't many frills with Skybus airlines. You walk on the tarmac and climb stairs to board.

They generally fly into smaller airports, like this one in Chicopee.

You have to pay for snacks, meals or drinks. The flight attendants wear black pants and Skybus t-shirts instead of tailored uniforms with perky scarves. And you have to listen to a short sales pitch for extra items available for purchase, like perfumes, chocolates, and electronics. But all in all, it's not a bad way to fly. We had no complaints.

Now, what can you do in Chicopee?

You can visit antique shops:

You can spend a few hours in Web's yarn store (if you're lucky enough to have a sweet man like My Man who's willing to suffer through it):

You can drive a few miles north and visit the Yankee Candle Village:

Yes, $10 bucks went a long way for us this Valentine's Day. It was the perfect getaway for us!


Rechelle said...

That's really cool!

Kristine said...

That sounds AWESOME!!!! What a special Valentine's Day to remember!