Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Do you notice anything different?

Early January:

See how the entire first piece of ugly white styrofoam is sitting completely in the dirt, and the water level is down to the second piece of ugly white styrofoam?

Early February:

See how the water is now all the way above the first piece of ugly white styrofoam? See how you can't even see the second piece of ugly white styrofoam because it is actually floating in the water?

Yippee! We've had nearly 3 inches of rain in the last couple of weeks. Certainly no drought buster, but an answer to prayer anyway! It has amounted to about a foot in lake level. See those steps? At full pond, the water is up over the third step. The normal level is right around the first step. We've got a ways to go, but we're getting there.

They're calling for more rain for us tomorrow. Praise God!

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Kristine said...

Hallelujah! We have been under fire conditions with fire bans for the past few weeks. I couldn't believe we had several fires here two weeks ago. Scary. The only fire dept. in Stickville is volunteer.