Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Little Late This Year

Usually, here in NC, we've had a few 70 degree days by now. I remember when I was in jr. high, I would get in at least one day of sunbathing in the last week of February. The temperature would warm up to about 75 for a day, maybe two, and my friend Sally and I would jump at the chance to slather ourselves in baby oil and "lay out". Then March would come in, bringing with it more normal, southern winter temperatures (high's in the 50's or 40's) and maybe even a late snowfall.

In the past few years, I've cut out the sunbathing. Especially in February. However, my kids started a new tradition of their own -- seeing how early they could jump in the lake. And usually, it's in the last week of February that their dad, ever so concerned for their well being, begins his cajoling. "When are you going to jump in? Why don't you go jump in today? Today would be perfect!"

Does he jump in with them? Are you kidding? He does go down to the pier to give them moral support, but he's fully clothed!

This year, yesterday was the day. March 3, 2008. The sad thing for me was that this was the year that My Boy decided he didn't want to do it. I guess 13 is too old for such foolishness.

My Girl was still up for it, though. She was all smiles, but she didn't stay in long. Brrrrrrr.

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Kristine said...

I'm glad to know it seems cooler than usual! I'm feeling guilty that I'm enjoying such nice weather, because I keep thinking we need rain/snow to make sure we have enough water for summer!

Meanwhile, I am SO not missing any of the snow and cold they are having where we used to live in Colorado!

Yes, I think it's sad too that your ds didn't join in the fun! It's just HARD when they get older!