Thursday, April 17, 2008


Twenty years?

Are you sure it's been 20 years?

Is the calendar confused?

Let's see... My Boy is soon to be 14. (gulp) And we had him when we'd been married 6 years.

Oh my goodness -- it really has been 20 years. Well, they've flown by, that's for sure.

Kind of like chocolate -- it's so rich and yummy and delicious that I gobble it down and before I know it, it's gone.

Yep, that's how these 20 years have been.


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Sarah K said...

Jana- What a great photo of your wedding!!!! We were married 6 years when I had our 1st child too. She will be 18 this year which means we will be married 24 years!!

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Sarah K in WI

Kristine said...

LOVE the picture!! Happy anniversary!

(Personally, I'd rather be eating chocolate and NOT have the years go flying by, lol!)

Shari said...

We hit 21 years this June. Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone and then I look at my 17, almost 16 and 14 year olds!
Best wishes on your next 20!!