Sunday, April 13, 2008


It's here!
My favorite time of year -- spring. The temperatures are warming up, the birds are blessing me with song, and the flowers are beginning to pop out everywhere I look. I love to walk around my yard and see what is bursting forth each day. Here's what I found yesterday:

This is the corner of my home, beside the main entrance. You're seeing an Otto Luken Laurel in bloom, with a Homestead Verbena and an orange/red columbine in front. You can barely see there to the back left is a clematis that is just coming back to life.

Around back, I have a climbing hydrangea. I love this vine! It doesn't impress much with its flowers, but I just love the foliage and the woodiness of the the vine itself. It has just started out for the spring. I'll post more pictures as the season goes on.

Out by the paper box I have this lovely Lady Banks rose. She never fails to be a knock-out in the spring. I wish my dinky camera could do her justice! She is climbing up an old iron bed headboard, by the way.

Here's an old chair that I found one day in someone's trash pile. Can you believe they were throwing this away? ;-) It sits in a sea of variegated vinca. You can just barely see the sweet purple blossoms on the vinca.

Here's a bluebird box up by the road. The bluebird that's currently building in this box was waiting patiently in the branches of a nearby tree while I took this picture. I wish I could remember the name of the red flowering bush at the base of the post. Can anyone help me out? All I know is I got it at Lowe's on clearance a couple of years ago for $3. It's been a real beauty this year.

Here's the view of our home from the road. You can't really see any flowers in this picture (I really need a new camera!) but you can at least see my favorite part of spring -- green!

On Saturday I was sitting on the porch swing reading, when My Boy came outside. He took a few deep breaths and said, "Mom, that's the best part of spring. Everything just smells so fresh!"

Couldn't have said it better myself, son.


Anonymous said...

Could the flowering shrub by your bluebird house be an azalea? Ours here in the mountains of NC are just budding out. I have a large azalea that looks like the same color right by my kitchen window. I enjoyed your post and the photos of your yard!

Jane in NC

Waterside Living said...

Hi Jane,

no, I know it isn't an azalea. I've got a bunch of those that I'll show you when they bloom out. This shrub has red foilage, and the blossoms are pink fringe-y things. Very pretty, and I see a lot of them around here in new subdivisions.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Waterside Living said...

*foliage* not foilage :-}

Kristine said...

Columbine = my favorite flower. :)

Gorgeous photo of your house--how wonderful to live "waterside."

I am enjoying our first spring here, seeing many things I've never seen before: dogwoods! red buds!

(It's so exciting that I have to put exclamation points after them, lol!)

I just wish we didn't have the sometimes overwhelming smell of chives, of all things. I'm not sure what it really is, we don't seem to have them growing EVERYwhere.

Anonymous said...

Jana, I am not a gardener, but I too love this shrub/tree that is prevalent in NC neighborhoods. I believe it is called Loropetalum. It's a beauty in all seasons, but Spring is my favorite.