Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another reason to love Tapestry

Yesterday I was able to attend the NCHE conference (the homeschooling conference in NC). One session I attended was "Thriving While in College." This was led by Debbie Mason and her college-aged daughter, Mereda. One thing that was stressed was how important it is for our kids to know exactly what they believe and why they believe it before they leave home. And even more importantly, according to Mereda, was to be able to talk about it out loud.

She said it was really surprising and sad how many kids can't articulate their beliefs and it really gets them in trouble when they are asked about them by other kids or professors. The mom, Debbie, said that *discussion* was one of THE most important things we could do with our kids. To get them comfortable talking about what they believe and *why* was essential. I took away from that just another affirmation of TOG and its emphasis on Socratic discussion.

I believe the Lord has blessed Marcia Somerville with such insight, and blessed me by showing me this curriculum. I'm so looking forward to the Lord leading us and our co-op kids next year.

If you're interested in hearing this talk (it is appropriate for teens and moms of teens), you can order a cd of Session 4, tape #29, here.

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