Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Field Trip

Here in NC, we're not used to national politicians stumping for us. Our primary is so late that usually, by the time we get our chance to vote, the national races are pretty well set.

This year, of course, things are different. And My Girl has taken an interest in politics. I guess that's because we're studying Year 4 in TOG, which is Modern Times, and this week we are studying the 1980's. So our studies are fairly relevant to what is going on today.

She said a few weeks ago, that if we got the chance to see a presidential candidate she would like to go. She wasn't picky about which one, she just wanted to see a rally in person.

Well, guess who stopped by our town last Saturday?

Even though Hillary Clinton is not our choice for president, she did make the trip to our town, so we decided to go check her out.

I must say, I found it rather funny her choice of venue -- the NASCAR Hall of Fame. I mean really, how many NASCAR races has she attended? How many drivers could she name? I know I'm not much better, even being born and raised in NASCAR country, but then I never held a rally in a NASCAR museum, either.

My Girl and I did have fun though, and we got to see what goes on at a political rally. Even more interesting, we saw how seeing a candidate in person can get you caught up in the rhetoric and emotion. Even though we knew from the outset what we thought and felt about Hillary Clinton's stands on the issues, hearing her in person I caught myself thinking, yes, that sounds reasonable.

I told my friends that she sounded sincere, genuine, and she seemed like someone you'd like to go have a cup of coffee with. I never thought I would think that! Just shows you get a whole 'nuther perspective when you see things for yourself and not through soundbites on the news.

PS-- I've got to get a better camera!


On a side note, thank you to those of you who have left comments. I didn't realize I had some new ones until today -- I've had to close down my old email address and forgot to change the setting here on my own blog! So thank you, belatedly, for stopping by! Come back and see us sometime!


Kristine said...

Really cool thing to be able to do! What perfect timing to be studying modern times, lol, during an election year.

I notice you are not currently reading anything aloud. I know you've passed this point in history, but we just finished Cracker: The Best Dog in Viet Nam by Cynthia Kadohata. I was a little leery of her; she won a Newbery a few years ago for Kira Kira (and the more recent Newberys tend to be, well, not always my idea of family friendly, how's that for PC?). Anyway--Cracker is about a dog and her trainer in the Viet Nam War. It was great for learning about that war, and we learned a lot of stuff about bomb sniffing dogs. And I think my kids found it quite amusing that I sobbed through parts of it. And I will say that the dog does not die. :) It was one of our best read alouds all year.

Jenny in Ca said...

how neat that you got to have this experience with your daughter. We have a U.S. Representative living in our neighborhood, and we see her yearly at the polling place when my dh works the polling place and my daughters usually go along to help...it is easy every time to get caught up in the hype, even though we would not vote for her.

I'm visiting over from the hive boards, it's nice to "meet" you!