Monday, June 09, 2008

Another Blogger Joins the Ranks

My Girl has become interested in all things internet these days (well, not *all* things internet!). Anyway, she's already learned how to make videos using still photos and putting them to music with Windows Movie Maker, and posting them on YouTube. Been there, done that, now she wants something new. So she's decided to start her own blog, dedicated to our little TOG co-op group. She plans to take pictures of our get-togethers and classes, and post about upcoming events and stuff.

Here's the link to her first post, with a slide show of photos from our first two years as a co-op:


On another note, Country Doctor's Wife ran a contest this past weekend for folks to tell their favorite books. If you want a good list of books to look over, hop on over there and browse through the comments section from Friday, June 6. I bet you'll find something entertaining to read this summer!

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