Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer to-do list

I usually try to accomplish some kind of home projects during the months of June and July since I don't have time to do anything like that during the school year. This summer, here's my list:

**paint trim in downstairs family room
**paint trim in upstairs kitchen/family room
**paint or stain cabinets in kitchen
**create steps going down the hill by the side of our house
**paint outside doors on bottom deck
**paint outside doors on top deck

I can already cross off painting trim in downstairs family room. Yea! Actually that one wasn't that big a deal, since I just had to touch up some nicked places with the existing color (true white).

The upstairs trim will take longer, because I want to change the color to a softer white (apple blossom). The true white looks so stark next to the autumnal shades I've used in the kitchen and family room. I painted the walls last summer, and I've been hating the trim color ever since. The problem is, we have vinyl windows and metal doors that have bright white panes and trim. I can't change the trim too much, but I think the apple blossom will do alright. So, that means I've got to repaint *all* the trim, not just do touch-ups.

Here you can see my upstairs family room before I made curtains (over Christmas break :) You can get an idea of the colors and of the stark white doors and windows.

I'm hoping to get all the painting done by July 4th, as we're having My Man's co-workers come up for a cook-out on July 5th.

The steps in the hill and the kitchen cabinets will have to wait till July at least.

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