Thursday, July 17, 2008

Planning our week

I'm slowly getting back into my planning mode for the upcoming year, after a short break for summer. Today I'm trying to get a handle on what our week should look like and how to be organized.

I made a blank planner page for my kiddos, for them to fill out on Friday afternoons as we look over our upcoming week. On this planner, I included blanks at the top for them to write in their reading assignments, and a chart on the bottom for them to record which days they will work on which subject.

This is essentially the same form I've used in the past, but I've always filled it out for them. I'm hoping that now that they're in 7th and 9th grade, they can begin to take more responsibility for their planning. I know that's a big push in TOG, but we haven't done a lot of that here at home. It's just easier for mom to do it, you know? But I'm going to try to enforce it this year.

Here's a copy of My Girl's form:

She chose the color scheme :-)

Here's the link to the file at Google docs.

My kiddos will record their work assignments, as well as outside activities, on this form on Friday afternoons.

They will use this as a guide to help them:

I'm planning to put a copy of this at the front of their workbooks that I'm creating for each unit.

I'm not planning to put a copy of their checklists in the workbooks, because at the end of the year I want to have all of their checklists in one place for my own records of what they did. I am thinking they will keep up with their checklists in the slash pocket I'm putting at the back of their workbooks, and then turn them in to me at the end of the week for accountability.

OK -- that's enough planning for today. My coffee is ready, it's a lovely morning, and I'm going to go read on the porch for awhile.

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Kristine said...

Your new schedules look great! The Japanese in 10 Minutes a day is very intriguing, and I'm checking it out on amazon. :)