Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation.

Obviously, I didn't blog very much during my summer vacation. Here's my effort to catch up!

First, My Girl turned 12 back in June. So hard to believe! She still has those gorgeous blue eyes that she had at her first birthday.

First birthday:

Twelfth birthday:

We also got a chance to vacation for a few days in the NC mountains. A sweet & generous family at our church graciously loaned us their mountain cabin the last week of July. This home is in a golf community near Sparta.

Here's their home:

Here's the view off their back deck:

A few of those obligatory "Scenic Overlook" photos:

The highlight of our trip was going on the Virginia Creeper bike trail. This was a real treat for me. It is a 17+ mile bike ride (gulp) all downhill! It follows the old railway line called the Virginia Creeper. We started out in White Top, and ended in Damascus. Here's some shots from along the way:

Our crew from the start:

The entire trip (well, not the first mile and last mile) goes through the deep forests of the Virginia mountains. You are under cover of trees and are following the course of a mountain stream just about the whole time. We stopped along the way to play in the creek awhile. My Boy even uncovered a salamander.

On another day we did a 2-mile hike. Here are a couple of shots from the hike:

My Man took this attractive shot of me at the end of hike. (From the looks of myself, we should do a lot more hikes!)

This was a nice vacation for us -- we were so blessed by that family. We'll remember those couple of days for a long time!

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