Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reasons I Love TOG, #3456

In our Tapestry of Grace studies we're on Week 6 -- Patriarchs: Ur to Egypt. I'm loving all the insight I'm gaining in the book of Genesis, and I'm so happy My Boy is getting such sound Bible teaching in his Rhetoric studies.

This is the first time he's read the entire actual book of Genesis, uncut, from the Bible. We're having lots of good discussion on, ahem, things we haven't really talked about before. I had forgotten there were so many tidbits of reality in there. Some glimpses of sin that My Boy had been blissfully unaware of, but that it's time he knew of. I mourn a little for his lost innocence, but I'm so happy he had a childhood that didn't include knowing about such adult topics. And I'm pleased that his education on those things is coming from his parents, and from the Bible, and from the discussions we're having based on TOG.


Pam said...

I know exactly what you mean! I love TOG for this reason also (and so many more!).

Pam (from TLT)

Kristine said...

AWESOME! What a blessing to be able to introduce these topic on YOUR terms, instead of having to explain something he overheard in ps.