Friday, September 26, 2008

You don't see this everyday.

One Sunday afternoon recently, we noticed a small hubub coming from across the lake. I was in my bedroom, and I could hear someone speaking on a sound system. I looked out my window, and this is what I saw (click on the photo to see it better):

Of course I had to get out the binoculars! (My Man doesn't call me Mrs. Kravitz for nothing :-)

Turns out, the local Methodist church was holding a baptismal service. One of their members owns the property across the way, and they were hosting it. Several folks were baptized in the lake that day.

It's a nice feeling to sit on your porch and watch so many folks commit their lives to Christ.

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Kristine said...

Our church did this a few weeks ago...only it was in a river and not exactly WARM!

I was happy to have my camera so I could pass out pics to those who were baptized!