Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Writing -- finally.

As usual, we've gotten off to a slow start in the writing department in our homeschool. Same "excuse" as always: too busy with other stuff.

Both My Girl and My Boy are involved in the local Speech club (NCFCA affiliated) and so they have an assigned speech to write each week. They've done a persuasive, an expository, an impromptu, and an "open" speech so far. I've been counting that as their writing ('cause that's what it is, you know!) but it doesn't fit in with our Tapestry of Grace/history studies.

I've got that shiny new copy of Writing Aids just waiting to be used to its full potential and I'm barely cracking the cover!

So this week they're beginning work on their interp's for Speech class. That's where they pick out a selection from literature (dramatic or humorous) and work on bringing it to life by memorizing it and reciting it with acting thrown in. This is their favorite part of speech, and mine too, but for different reasons.

They like doing interps because they love to ham it up.

I like them doing interps because it frees them from writing and I can finally start giving my own assignments!


(On a side note, I love TOG's literature selections because they always provide great resources for picking an interp. My Boy is going to work on Yellow & Pink by William Steig (TOG Y1 Classic) and My Girl is choosing A Father's Promise by Donnalynn Hess, her favorite book from TOG Y4 Classic)

So anyway, back to writing.

My Girl is working on a report on the Great Pyramid of Giza. She's been assigned this for our co-op's unit celebration, and she's supposed to write a 1-page report and make a model. Today she used one of the Graphic Organizers from Writing Aids and planned out her main points.

Tomorrow I'll have her flesh out her thesis paragraph and work on the topic sentences for each paragraph. After that, she'll be ready to write each paragraph.

My Boy is trying his first Analytical Essay. He is not doing a history related topic -- I let him choose a quote to write about instead. He chose:

He that loves reading has everything within his reach.
William Godwin, political philosopher/writer (1756-1836)

He also did his graphic organizer today:

Like his sister, he'll flesh out his thesis paragraph and topic sentences tomorrow, and plan to finish it on Friday.

I'll post their final versions so you can see them this weekend.

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Kristine said...

That's great to see the speech trickle down into the writing. I need to get back into some sort of speech, even if it's standing up and giving a speech from prepared notes...we did that one year, and I let the ball drop on that one.