Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving!

Hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving!

Are you shopping today? Not me -- are you kidding? Bleh.

However, Apple is having a rare sale today on the Ipod Touch -- guess what My Girl wants for Christmas? And wants it bad enough to pay half? So I guess I will be doing some shopping today after all, but only at the Apple Online store!

We had a great day yesterday. My family came up here to the lake: Mom, my sister Mackie, her dh Terry, my sweet grown up nephew Drew, my brother Joe, his cutey-pie daughter (my cutie-pie niece) Hannah. Joe's wife Cindy doesn't get to come up to our Thanksgiving Day lunch, cause she's home in the kitchen getting ready for her family to come to their house for dinner that night. That's right - Joe gets to eat TWO Thanksgiving Day meals! Wonder how he's feeling about now??

Here's what was on the menu:

From me:
Turkey (16 lb, brined overnight) -- hit!
Dressing -- mom's recipe -- too much sage this time -- MISS
Rice -- nothing out of the ordinary -- hit!
Green beans -- cooked to death in the yummy southern style -- hit!
Spanish Green beans -- Pioneer Woman's recipe -- just ok
Butternut Squash puree -- PW's recipe again -- hit!
Giblet gravy -- hard to mess up -- hit!
Apple pie -- My Boy made it -- big hit!

From Mackie:
Broccoli casserole -- hit!
Sweet potato casserole (she's famous for this) -- hit!
Cranberry salad -- yummy, but a tad sweet with cherry jello -- still a hit!
Pumpkin pie -- Mackie's first! -- hit!

From Joe/Cindy:
layered salad -- yum yum yum -- hit!
deviled eggs -- always a hit!
yeast rolls -- need I say hit?

As you can see, we nearly starved for lack of food ;-). And we're still starving today. I felt almost miserable last night!

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Kristine said...

Ah, I should have checked the Apple site today (instead of yesterday!). I found a 3rd generation 4G Nano for my dd for $100 at amazon, I'm pretty happy about that. So far anyway, lol. (It's a gift from my parents.)

Jana, your Thanksgiving sounds lovely. I've had another friend rave about PW's squash. I'll definitely have to give it a try.