Friday, November 07, 2008

Unit 1 Celebration

We had our Unit One Celebration the other week for our Tapestry of Grace co-op. It was terrific! Our group has grown from 9 children last year, to 23 this year. That meant we had over 50 folks at our UC! We had to move it to the Fellowship Hall of the church where we meet and it was like a church dinner or something. Amazing.

Anyway, the event went really well. Since we're studying the Ancients right now, and have just gotten to the part of history where the Israelites have left Egypt, we enjoyed a Seder meal. We had a very special guest, the sister-in-law of one of our co-op members. She grew up a Jew, and converted to Christianity in her '40's. She was so kind to share with us some memories of growing up, and she led our Seder meal for us.

I took a few pictures, but they're on my other computer. Instead, I'll direct you over to My Girl's blog, where she posted about the night: Weaving a Tapestry of Grace.

One funny thing about the Unit Celebration: I was in charge of the details of the night. I really wanted to have a Seder, but of course being a small-city southern girl, I have no notion of how a Seder should be. But I did lots of research and tried really hard. All week I had an earache. But it was strange, because it sort of moved around. On Friday (the day of the UC) I finally went to the doctor. She looked in my ear. She pressed it. "Does it hurt when I do this?" No. "How about this?" No. "Has it been draining?" No. "Have you been swimming?" No. Diagnosis? I'd been clenching my teeth all week! My jaw was inflamed and the pain was showing in my ear! By the next day, it was much better, and now it is completely gone.

I guess for our next UC I'll need to buy a mouth guard. Or not have any more Seder's. Or delegate!

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