Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Art Museum

Some of our Rhetoric & Dialectic kids went on a field trip yesterday to the local art museum.

We studied the ancient Americas a few weeks ago, and discovered that the museum has a temporary exhibit of ancient American art! There were so many interesting pieces of pottery and jewelry from the Ancient Mayas and Incas, and other civilizations from Peru northward to Mexico. This was a very enjoyable trip for our kids. One of the most interesting pieces was a large urn (one of they boys said it was a trash can) that was used as a burial urn. It seems the dead would be folded up, as it were, and wrapped tightly in cloth, and placed inside this large urn for burial. I can see that saving space in our cemeteries today! (joke!)

One of the nicest surprises at the museum was the abundance of teaching materials. There was a room at the end of the exhibit where the kids could watch videos, draw & color tunic designs, and practice weaving. There was also a trunk full of more in-depth art activities that they loaned to us for FREE for a 2-week period. AND -- they offer a class to all the county 5th graders on archaelogy and artifacts, and they offered our group the chance to schedule a class, too. I can't believe I never knew about this resource in our community!

On a side note, there was also an exhibit of Andy Warhol artwork. Some of our kids were in our group last year when we studied the 20th century, and they remembered learning about him then. We did a fun project then, and I'll make a post about that so you can see what they did!

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Kristine said...

Oops, I lost my comment to your Warhol art. VERY cool. It makes me really want to pick art study/history up again. How did I let it drop from our schedule???

Great opportunity at the museum!