Thursday, December 18, 2008

Discovery Place

Our Tapestry of Grace group took another field trip this week, this time to Discovery Place. We also had some friends from the nearby George Grant history co-op group come along with us. Altogether, we had 45 folks!

First, we toured the "A Day in Pompeii" exhibit. This was a special, limited time engagement, and it was very interesting. They had timelines of the day the volcano erupted, and many artifacts from the city. The most moving part was the last room, which held plaster casts of bodies of humans and animals, in the positions they were in when they were buried in ash. This part of the exhibit really brought home the tragedy to our kids, and even disturbed My Girl a bit.

After the Pompeii exhibit, we had lunch, and then watched an IMAX movie about ancient Greece. It was very good of course, but I think I'm getting old because I was beginning to feel sick! Of course, sitting on the very front row probably didn't help any :-)

After the movie, several folks had to leave, but we stayed for another hour or so and let the kids explore the rest of the museum. They had a new exhibit on the circus, and they got to walk on a tightrope extended about 20 ft. overhead (wearing a harness, of course!)

It was a fun trip, and I even took photos, but sadly my camera is no longer reliable. The pictures all turned out horrible. Maybe I'll get a new one, one of these days....

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