Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Knit Hat

My Girl and I were watching Spiderman II the other day, when we noticed a scene in which Mary Jane and Peter are seated in a restaurant, and MJ wears a really cute hat.

I told My Girl, if I know knitters, someone has dreamed up a pattern for that and put it on the internet somewhere.

Don't cha love Google?? I don't know how we functioned without it so long *grin*.

Here's the website with the free pattern for Mary Jane's hat.

Here's the finished product, modeled by My Girl.

I think I made it a little *too* floppy, though My Girl likes it as is. I'll probably take out a couple of rows. Otherwise, I think it's kinda cute!

Mary Jane's Pithy hat (from Spiderman 2)
1 hank (198 yds) Magallanes 100% wool, color 308
size 8 needles
I increased the number of CO stitches to 90.


Mrs.C said...

Neat hat. I know what you mean. I google everything. What did we do before the Internet???

We're going to try to make your Warhol art project today. I'll let you know how it goes.

Btw: We're in LIFE and ICHE. We just haven't done anything with LIFE yet-too hard with Grandma here. Maybe next year.

Country Girl said...

Dear Jana,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway. I thought it was so sweet that your husband ventured into a yarn shop to get you a gift!
I can knit a scarf, but that's about it. However, seeing this scarf, I just may try it! I bought one similar to this in NYC a few weeks ago (it was freezing up there!) and it cost over forty dollars. Your blog is adorable.