Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY (Tuesday, Dec. 30)...

Outside my window... the sun is beginning to rise, so I can see silhouettes of the trees across the lake. Looking forward to a clear, sunny day with high in the low 60's.

I am thinking... that God is good, all the time. And he cares about my (in the scheme of things) small worries.

I am thankful for... God's provision in times of need.

From the learning rooms... today is still "Christmas Break" but My Boy needs to take a biology test this week, and My Girl needs to be working on her Interpretation for the Speech contest coming up

From the kitchen... I smell coffee brewing

I am wearing... the softest pjs ever, a gift from my dear sister

I am creating... a knitted sweater vest for My Man. I'm on the front, have finished the back. Hope to be done this week!

I am going... to the hospital today to have "growth x-rays" taken of My Boy and My Girl's hands to determine how many more years of growth they can expect. Both of them are shorter than you would expect for their ages and for the heights of My Man and myself, so we're visiting an endocrinologist to see if there is a problem.

I am reading... Under the Greenwood Tree, by Thomas Hardy

I am hoping... to find some part-time work soon to supplement our income.

I am hearing... nothing. Sweet nothing. No one is awake yet, and this is my favorite time of day.

Around the house... there are Christmas decorations, empty packages, a few remaining goodies that were gifts from friends -- all those signs of a Christmas past that will need to be cleaned up this week!

One of my favorite things... is the sight of the Christmas tree lights as I sit in my otherwise dark living room drinking my coffee in the still morning.

A few plans for the rest of the week: do some banking business for my mother, finish My Man's sweater, gear up for school next week, clean up and pack Christmas decorations.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...oops -- I'm on the wrong computer for sharing pictures. They are all on the downstairs pc. I'll try to include one next week!

This is my first entry in the Simple Woman's Daybook. If you'd like to participate, visit this site


Deb said...

How soothed I felt today reading your post. Thank you for that feeling of calm.

Deb said...

Your post was so calming and peaceful reading this morning. Thanks for that!