Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Warhol Pop Art Project

As promised, here's the art project we did last year in our dialectic co-op when we studied the 1970's and Pop art.

I found these instructions here, but modified them a bit for our purposes.

Using Andy Warhol's iconic images as inspiration:

I told the kids to find a photo of something they liked online, and email it to me. I didn't tell them what we were going to do, so I wasn't sure what I would get. I got 2 cars and a chicken :-).

For my example here, I'm going to use this photo of our dogs:

Open a document in Word, set the page layout to landscape, and insert the photo on the page. Resized the photo to about 1/4 of the page. Then, right-click on the picture and choose "format picture", "color", and change it to black and white. If you want to at this point, you can play with the Brightness and Contrast settings, but it doesn't take much.

Here's my photo now:

Place the photo in the upper left quadrant of the page, and then copy the photo to the other three quadrants of the page, to look like this:

Then print the page onto a clear transparency.

Now comes the fun part!

Tape the left edge of the transparency to a piece of colored paper to make a "hinge". Then provide the kids with scraps of colored paper, tissue paper, and markers, and glue sticks. The kids can tear or cut pieces of the paper to glue on the background paper however they want to.

Here's My Boy's finished product:

We were so pleased with it that I framed it.

This was a fun project, and both My Boy and My Girl want to do another!

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Mrs. Edwards said...

Thanks for posting a link to this on the Y4 Forum page. What a great idea! We'll have to give it a try.
~Mrs. Edwards at Veritas at Home