Friday, January 09, 2009

Polar Bears

You've heard of the Polar Bear Club, right? They're the folks in Coney Island who (insanely) swim throughout the winter months, and every year on New Year's Day. There's lots other groups that do similar New Year's Day swims, but I think the Coney Island guys were first.

Well, this year My Girl and My Boy decided to go for their own version.

You see, every year My Man begins his needling sometime in January for one of them to jump in the lake. He offers all kinds of bribery, from money to french fries, if they'll take his dare and jump in.

Mind you, a normal, perfectly sane person won't go swimming in our lake until at least mid-May. While we don't get much snow around here, and the temps aren't nearly what they are up north, it does get cold in the water! We always have plenty of below freezing temperatures, enough to get the water really really cold.

Usually, the kiddos don't give in until March, and even then on a bright sunny unusually-warm day.

This year, My Crazy, Brave Girl gave in on January 3! And My Boy couldn't let her be the only one to lay claim to the honor of Earliest Jump, so he agreed, too. Of course, on the condition that no pictures of him would show up on anyone's blog :D

The prize? Dinner at the local Japanese joint, to include sushi. Since I didn't want to cook, and we all love Japanese, I'd say we got off pretty easy.

PS I have to add, they went in again and went all the way under. Unbelievable!


Deb said...

Hats off the the brave and the silly! Hope they enjoyed the sushi....

Mrs. C said...

Brrr...looks like she had fun though. I think I'd jump in for Japanese food, too. ;)

Thanks for your note the other day. It meant a lot. I'm feeling better about things now, but it's still hard not to worry.