Sunday, January 11, 2009

well, so much for the playoffs...

Wow. What a let down last night's game was.

In case you don't follow NFL football, last night was the playoff game between the Arizona Cardinals and my hometown favorite Carolina Panthers. The same Carolina Panthers who had finished the regular season 12-3, had won their division, had secured a home playoff game and a bye week by playing so well in the regular season, who had even beat these same Arizona Cardinals earlier in the season.

Arizona won, 33-13.

It looked like someone was out there dressed up in Panthers uniforms, pretending to be our guys. It was a nightmare. Ugh.

Oh well, at least my Tarheels are playing basketball this afternoon...


Deb said...

Sorry about your lose, but as my husband and son informed me, we were rooting for Arizona. I said "Why?". "Cuz they were our divisions winner." Honestly, that made no sense to me. "I" was rooting for ya'll anyway!
There is always next year! Wait a minute...your team and my team are in the same division...I'll get back to you on that one!

Jana said...

Hey Deb,

our division is the NFC South, which has Carolina, Atlanta, Tampa and New Orleans. Carolina just barely clinched the division, because Tampa was so good at the start of the season and Atlanta was so good towards the end! The games between Atlanta and Carolina are always good ones!