Friday, February 06, 2009

Busy Weekend

I've got a busy weekend coming up.

This morning our Rhetoric group (high schoolers) in the Tapestry of Grace co-op have our weekly discussion meeting. Every other week, we meet in person, but on the "other" weeks (like today) we meet on Skype. That's from 8:30-11:30.

I'm cutting out early to get my hair cut (Yippee! It's way overdue.)

Then, My Girl and My Man are leaving this afternoon for a youth retreat in the mountains. They should have a great weekend -- lots of music, speakers, and activities, plus snow tubing on Saturday afternoon. They'll get back on Sunday.

In the meantime, tonight My Boy and I have to go set up for the third (and final) practice tournament for Speech and Debate. That tournament runs all day tomorrow. I am going to take my camera (just like I did at all the others) and I'm really going to try to take some pictures this time. If I do, I'll post them Sunday.

Hope your weekend is full of rest and fun, and happy times together with the ones you love.

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Deb said...

You do have a full weekend. Good luck with the hair cut...debate...and retreat! When you get back on Sunday, you will be able to relax!