Thursday, March 12, 2009


I really like camellias.

They are almost a perfect shrub. They are evergreen, and they bloom when most other shrubs don't, so they provide color in usually drab seasons. And the blooms are big and showy. The only down side is the litter the big showy blooms make when they fall off the branch has to be raked up at some point.

Other than that, a pretty good addition to the yard, I'd say.

The other day, we walked the dogs down the lane, and I took my new camera. A couple of neighboring lots have camellias, so I thought I'd take some pictures. This is My Boy & My Girl with the dogs. No camellias in this shot, though.

The lot next door is vacant. It has a couple of camellias which have grown uncontrolled for years so they are huge.

Farther down the road is a yard with 2 camellias growing right up next to each other, so the shrub looks like it has two types of blossoms. Some are solid pink, and some are variegated like these.

I decided last year to plant 5 camellias up near the road to provide some privacy from our new neighbors. A few weeks ago I was excited to see them covered in new buds, ready to bloom out.

Apparently, deer like young camellias. This is what mine look like right now. *sigh*. I only hope they'll grow back in this spring! Any ideas on how to protect them?

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Kristine said...

Oh! The camellias are so lovely, and your now-naked bush looks so sad!

(I'm not sure if I've seen the flowers here, but maybe the deer beat me to it?)