Saturday, March 07, 2009

Fifteen Authors

Country Doctor's Wife posted a meme and invited everyone to participate -- list 25 authors who most influenced your writing. Well, obviously, I'm no writer. And obviously this meme was designed for folks who can write.

But I do consider myself a reader, and maybe I can think of 25 authors that I like. Well, I might not get 25. I might just get 15. and some of them might just be my favorite books, but not necessarily favorite authors. So how's that? CDW said I could make up my own rules, so I think I'll just list 15 books and/or authors that I like!

Here's my list:

1. Jane Austen (duh! How many times can I put her, anyway??)

2. Patrick O'Brian (His Jack Aubrey books are to me, like Jane Austen with male characters.)

3. C. S. Lewis (his book Mere Christianity is one of my favorites)

4. Charles Dickens (I used to try to read one of his books a year. I need to start that tradition back up again.)

5. Robert Louis Stevenson (A Child's Garden of Verses -- love those sweet poems!)

6. Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird)

7. Jan Karon (The Mitford series)

8. Janet Evanovich (the Stephanie Plum books -- hilarious, quick reads that are perfect summer reading)

9. Margaret Mitchell (have to give Gone With the Wind a spot on this list!)

10. Clyde Edgerton (His books Raney and Walking Across Egypt are wonderful Southern humor. In fact, I need to find my copy of Raney and read it again!)

11. J.R.R. Tolkien (the Lord of the Rings trilogy is all I've read of his, but they are, of course, terrific.)

12. James Herriot (All Creatures Great and Small, and his Treasury for Children)

13. Oswald Chambers (his daily devotions challenge me every day)

14. Louisa May Alcott (love Little Women)

15. Noel Streatfield (I loved Ballet Shoes, Theater Shoes, Skating Shoes, and Circus Shoes as a young girl)

How about you? do you have a list? You can list your favorites in the comments, or on your blog (but leave me a link if you do!)

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Kristine said...

I'd have to think too hard to come up with 15, but I wanted to comment. I began reading James Herriott in jr. high school. I loved those stories, and I continue to hope that one of my kids will feel the same.

I'm not a Tolkien fan, but my 10yods is. Dd recently opted to skip The Hobbit in her Lightning Lit (we were running out of time, so I said it was fine). But then she decided to skip another story instead and reluctantly picked up The Hobbit. By Day 3, she decided she was *really* liking it. :) That's one of the big things I love about LL, that she is exposed to things that I would otherwise never choose, and she has appreciated much of what she has read through the curriculum.