Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY (March 17)...
Outside my window... I't bright and sunny -- finally! Warm today, upper 60's. There are gentle ripples on the water surface, proof there are boats on the water nearby. Warm weather brings them out!

I am thinking... that I should get off this computer and start supper.

I am thankful for... receiving our tax refund the same week we had to pay $400 for repairs to my car.

From the learning rooms... My Girl is hard at work refining her 2 speeches. Her first tournament is next week in Georgia. I think she's starting to wonder what she's gotten herself into!

From the kitchen... Tonight I'll be preparing chicken pot pie casserole. I really need to get started on it though!!

I am wearing... ok -- I'll be honest. I'm embarrassed to say that yes, it's 4:30 pm, and I'm still in my pjs. How horrible is that?? But I've got to get dressed soon -- I've got a homeschool meeting tonight.

I am creating... meal plans for next week, when My Boy will be home with My Man, as My Girl and I will be in Georgia at the tournament. I want to have things nice and microwavable!

I am going... to a homeschool support meeting tonight, where we'll be learning about right- and left-brained learners, and how to tell which your kids are.

I am reading... right now, not much. But I am researching curriculum choices for next year.

I am hearing... the tv is on in the background, but I'm not really paying attention to it. why is it on?......

Around the house... things are in need a pick up all around the house.

One of my favorite things... is getting a few minutes of time to go get a cup of coffee with friend, as I got to do yesterday with my friend Sherri.

A few plans for the rest of the week: meeting tonight, confirmation class for My Girl tomorrow night, and a speech open house on Thursday. Our TOG group meets on Skype on Friday morning.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

I saw this video on April Showers and chuckle to myself everytime I think of it:

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