Friday, April 10, 2009

Catching Up

My goodness! Life really got in the way with us for the last couple of weeks.

Since I last posted, we've been to a speech tournament in Atlanta, taken our Iowa tests, been to another speech tournament near Raleigh, finished up TOG Unit 3 and had a Unit Celebration, started attending a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course, and started planning for next year's curriculum. I've got a lot to tell you, but I can only think about 1 little bit at a time or I'll get overwhelmed and just skip it altogether!

We got in from the most recent tournament last night, and now I've got to plan for the upcoming weekend. I know my family would appreciate it if I found some time to go to the grocery store in the morning, since we're pretty much scraping crumbs from the bottom of the refrigerator for meals today ;-)

Tomorrow, in addition to the grocery store, I'll go shopping for Easter baskets and I want to find a gift for My Girl. She is being confirmed at church on Sunday morning, and she's decided to be baptized as well. We're United Methodist, and she was baptized as an infant. But often kids who grow up in our church opt to be baptized again so they can have a part of the decision and so they'll remember it.

When My Boy was confirmed 2 years ago, he wanted to be immersed. So My Man held a baptism in the lake and about 4 of the confirmands joined in. It was special (but chilly in the lake in early April). My Girl has decided to be poured (as opposed to being sprinkled).

My schedule for Sunday will be a little busy: sunrise service at 6:45, church breakfast at 7:30, pick up Mom at 9:30, church at 10:30. After church, we'll go home and eat barbecue sandwiches (not quite traditional, huh?). But since Easter's are so busy, I'll make the barbecue on Saturday and then just have to heat it up after church. It's supposed to be nice weather, so we can eat on the porch. Mom looks forward to coming up here when the weather is nice -- the porch swing is "her spot"!

We can all fall asleep watching the Master's after we eat!

I've got pics of the Unit Celebration and the speech tournaments, so I'll post about those in the next couple of days.

Hope your Easter is blessed! Christ is Risen!


Deb said...

so glad you posted...I've missed your cheery blog!!

Mrs. C said...

Sounds wonderful! I'm sure your mom will enjoy spending the day with your family. :) I'm glad you're back!