Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Sunday

My Girl was confirmed at church on Easter Sunday.

She really loved her confirmation class. It met for 13 weeks, and was taught jointly by Pastor Billy and her dad. I think there were 13 confirmands, plus each confirmand had a mentor who stuck with them and attended all their classes with them too.

Miss Lynn is the best mentor ever. She is so thoughtful and sweet, and really loves My Girl. I'm happy My Girl has another grown-up in the church that she knows will always love her and care about her no matter what.

The night before Easter, there was a cookout at the church.

Then on Easter morning during the worship service, the kids were confirmed and welcomed into the church body as full members.

It was a special time for My Girl, and I know she'll always remember it fondly!

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Kristine said...

What a special Easter for your family; I love that you were able to get so many pics in this post!