Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Neighbors

It's a beautiful springtime here by the lake, and that means new neighbors!

Here's our front door. Do you see the new folks?

What about now?

Look closer!

There they are!

A mamma house finch has boldly built a home less than 2 feet from our front door. Every time we go in or out, we are startled by the sound of wings flapping as she flies away. I worry about those those babies, because the Mamma is so disturbed by our comings and goings that I'm surprised she was on the eggs long enough to properly warm them. But at least one hatched. I'm not tall enough to see inside the nest, so I'm depending on my camera to show me what's happening.

Here's the inside of the nest about a week ago.

and here it is today:

It looks like only one baby, doesn't it? I guess a wreath by the door isn't a great place for a nest.

Our other set of neighbors moved in up near the road.

This a bluebird house that has at least 2 broods every year.

I tried to get a shot of the parents as they were going in and out, but just never timed it right.

Here are the babies about a week ago.

Here they are today.

Either mom or dad is keeping an eye on me from the tree across the street.

I hung my baskets of ferns and petunias last week, so I'm sure it's just a matter of time before more families settle in!


Mrs. C said...

I enjoyed seeing pictures of your new neighbors. :)

We have a bird family that nests in the flowers on our porch every year, too. My favorite part is watching the momma bird teach her babies how to fly. Enjoy your spring.

Kristine said...

We've had our first yellow finches and hummingbirds this past week! Love your baby bird shots, and how funny that you can see the one next only by holding your camera high enough!