Monday, April 13, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY (April 13)...
Outside my window... The sun is rising -- I know it's out there somewhere because I can see across the lake. But it's grey with clouds and light rain. It's not raining very much right now, but I can tell it's rained overnight. More expected today, with cool temperatures.

I am thinking... how thankful I am that Capt. Richard Phillips was rescued from the Somali pirates. I don't know why, but that story really captured my attention.

I am thankful for... time spent with my family yesterday. I took my Mom to church yesterday for Easter and for My Girl's confirmation. Unbelievably, there were 3 different people there that she knew from years ago (this was not her home church, and in fact was not in the same town where she has lived the last 50 years0. First, a neighbor from when I was growing up -- she had a grandson being confirmed there too! Then a co-worker -- the assistant principal at the high school where Mom worked as bookkeeper for many years. And finally a former neighbor from up here at the lake. It really pleased Mom to see these folks. After church, we came home and my brother and his wife and daughter joined us for lunch. We had a fun time!

From the learning rooms... We're taking today and tomorrow off for spring break, but we've really got to get back into a groove. The time away for speech tournaments and testing has brought our schooling to a grinding halt.

From the kitchen... I smell coffee brewing.

I am wearing... my favorite pj's -- royal blue fleece, that my sister gave me for Christmas.

I am creating... nothing I can think of right now.

I am going... to host 2 Tapestry teas this week and next as interest in our TOG co-op for next year in growing.

I am reading... the high school forums at the Well Trained Mind. I always plug back into those boards this time of year, when I need to start making decisions on next year's curriculum. Those homeschool moms are a wealth of information.

I am hearing... some birds chirping outside, greeting the day.

Around the house... I'm finally seeing some green! Trees are leafing, plants are blooming. Now if only I could figure out some deer deterents -- they are a real problem this year. I've been on this same spot for over 30 years and we've never had a problem with them at all. Never even seen any around our yard. Now, we see them all the time. At first they were cute, now they're really wearing out their welcome.

One of my favorite things... is napping on the couch while the Master's Tournament is on tv. Honestly! and I got to do it yesterday afternoon. Bliss!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Tapestry Tea this afternoon (I need to clean up!), speech party at a park on Thursday, getting back into the school groove.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... This is My Boy, My Girl, and me at the NC speech tournament last week. My Boy got second place in one of his speeches! He's reached the final 16 before, but he's never placed, so he was thrilled beyond words to get second. We're off to the Regional tournament in Atlanta in 2 weeks!

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Noel said...

I love reading your blog, congradulations to your son :) and thank the Lord, that captain was rescued and on Easter too :)

Donna Boucher said...

Congratulations to your speech makers! I have lot of friends across the country who are involved in speech. What a great group of young people!

Kristine said...

Jana, what a nice pic of the three of you together! You're usually on the other side of the camera!

I've enjoyed hearing about your ds's speech experiences. We've signed up for a 3 day Classical Conversations practicum this spring, and my 10 yods will be in a public speaking class.