Saturday, May 02, 2009

Back Home

Oh, I'm glad to be home!

Don't get me wrong, the tournament was lots-o-fun. My Boy & My Girl got to make some new friends and spend time with some old ones, and they learned so much from observing so many good speakers and debaters. My Boy competed in the Open Interpretation event, with his interpretation of William Stieg's Yellow & Pink. He didn't advance to the semi-finals this time, but he was just thankful to have made it to the Regional Invitational tournament.

It began with registration on Sunday night, competition Monday through Thursday, a pizza party Thursday night, and the drive home on Friday. Whew. I need a rest!

I took a few pictures of my flowers before I left, because I could tell that they were going to peak the week I was away. I'm so glad I did, because they're starting to fade now.

Here are the azaleas that line the edge of our property:

I took these in the morning, and they are in the shade so they're really too dark. I'm sorry for that; they were stunning this year after looking not-so-great last year.

This is another poorly-lit shot of the clematis vine that is growing on an antique ladder beside my house.

Hopefully my photography skills will improve!

I spent my day today on an outdoor project. I did take pictures, but I'm too tired to post about it now. Hopefully tomorrow :-)


Donalyn said...

Love all the purpl-ey flowers! Things aren't out nearly that much here yet. We still have it to look forward to though. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment - hope to see you again!

Kristine said...

The competition sounds great. Of course it's more fun in just the competing part of it, and what a fun memory for your kids to have down the road!