Monday, May 04, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY (May 4, 2009)...

Outside my window... It looks to be a beautiful day. Bright blue sky, wispy white clouds, gentle breeze fluttering through the leaves. I can see the mamma house finch busy going back and forth from the hanging fern on my back porch.

I am thinking... that I hope we recover from these allergies or respiratory gunk or whatever it is. My Man, My Girl, and I have been coughing non-stop for a couple of weeks now. A good night's sleep would be heavenly.

I am thankful for... the beauty of springtime. I just love it when all is green. My mom planted the azaleas and iris and forsythia here 30 years ago, and they are just lovely this time of year.

From the learning rooms... today is the last day of My Boy's biology co-op. They're finishing their dissections -- a frog and some fertilized chicken eggs. Ick. I'm thankful we have a homeschool mom in our group who is a nurse, and is working on her teaching degree. She does a terrific job teaching this class.

From the kitchen... I smell coffee brewing.

I am wearing... blue & white pj pants with a pink t-shirt my sister brought me years ago from the Cayman Islands. It's getting just about perfect in worn-out softness.

I am creating... plans for our TOG co-op next year. We have 19 families who have signed on to be a part of it.

I am going... to the local high school today or tomorrow to sign My Boy up for driver's ed. Unbelievable.

I am reading... Tom Sawyer. My Girl just finished it, and was surprised I'd never read it. "You really should read it, Mom! It's really good!" So I'm reading it on her recommendation :-)

I am hearing... Princess gnawing on her chewbone.

Around the house... I spent Saturday constructing a landing at the bottom of our deck stairs. My Man was busy at work most of the day, so he was only around for part of it. He got out the chain saw and started it for me so I could cut the timbers the right length. Then he drove me to Lowe's and helped me load the sand and gravel into the truck. And he helped me dig out the dirt. The rest I did on my own. And I'm sore to prove it!

One of my favorite things... is roast beef cooked the way Aunt Doris cooks it. I fixed some last night, and it was yummy (though not quite as good as Doris' :-) The only other thing I can cook like Aunt Doris is macaroni and cheese. It's delish but incredibly fattening. Aunt Doris is a fabulous southern cook, and I really really need to go spend some time with her so I can learn to do her biscuits and corn.

A few plans for the rest of the week... we might drive down to SC to spend some time in a (huge) cabin with my brother-in-law and other members of My Man's family. They rent it out every-other-year, but not many folks are going down there this year. My Man can't even go -- but it's a fun, relaxing place to be so maybe I'll take My Boy and My Girl down for a few days.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... These are some shots of the landing I made on Saturday. I had to build a frame with timbers, dig out the dirt and level it about 3", then put a layer of sand, place my stones, and then fill in with gravel. I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Now I just need to continue by making steps go up the hill!

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Mrs. C said...

We did the Apologia Biology dissections last year. Ick is right!

Your landing turned out great.

Kristine said...

The landing looks great! There is definitely a lot to be said for taking outside science classes!