Thursday, July 02, 2009

July 4th Kickoff

You don't need a calendar to know it's coming up on July 4th weekend on the lake. All the signs are present:

-- for the last few nights, we've heard sporadic fireworks from all around us. Everyone's gearing up for the big night.

-- tonight, on a Thursday, there were as many boats buzzing by at sunset as there usually are on a typical Sunday afternoon.

-- our little lane is busy with cars going in and out of our peninsula. There are only a few of us who live on this lane year-round, and about 75% of the houses are occupied on a summer weekend. But on the 4th, everyone's here.

This weekend, we'll hear the sounds of boats non-stop, our dock will rock in the waves like it's on an ocean, we'll probably hear a boat siren or two as the lake police try to keep drunken boaters off the water, and there will be fireworks everywhere you can see.

I have a love-hate relationship with the Fourth on the lake. I love the feel of a hot summer day, I love cooking out (of course, we do this several times a week so it's not just a July Fourth thing), I love seeing all the American flags flying by all the docks around the lake, it's nice to sit on our porch and watch fireworks all around, and yes, I do love going out on the boat around 9:00 pm to get a good view of the big fireworks show a couple of coves over.

But we don't go anywhere near the water at other times on the weekend of the Fourth. Taking a boat on that bumpy water is too much like punishment, especially our little boat. You can't enjoy a ride, and you certainly can't ski or tube, so we don't invite friends over that day, either. For full-time lake dwellers, July Fourth weekend is the time you almost want to leave town.

I guess it's kind of like folks who live in Augusta, GA who leave town during Master's Week. A lot of folks even rent out their homes to pay for their own week away. Hmmmm.... there's a thought....

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Mrs. C said...

I know what you mean. It's great for visitors, not so much for the people that live there.

We used to take our boat out on the lake (in MN) all the time, but we got to the point where we'd avoid the Fourth like the plague. It was too dangerous to be on the water with all the people "celebrating." We figured, we had the lake every other day, they could have it for the holiday.