Friday, July 31, 2009

Porch Cushions

I'm so happy to have company come over. We're not big entertainers here, and we live sort of out in the boonies, so I feel bad inviting folks to come way on out here. But if it weren't for the occasional guest, this house might never get spruced up!

One of my best college buddies, Kim, is coming to visit this afternoon. I haven't seen her in probably 8 years or so, and she hasn't been to our lake place since before our house was built -- back when we had a 1960 single wide trailer that we stayed in for weekends.

So we decided we had to take the plunge and replace our porch cushions. Let's face it, our porch is the one place most folks want to be. It has a great view and is north-facing so it's fairly cool even in the summer. So it needs to look decent for visitors!

Our porch furniture is old and/or homemade, so store-bought cushions don't fit. I have 2 porch swings that were made by my dad, and an old metal glider and chaise lounge that came from who knows where. So we have to buy foam rubber cushions and cover them in fabric.

Here's what I did this week.

This is the chaise. It's covered in a green fabric with teeny blue polka dots.

Here's the glider --

and one of the swings --

The other swing is on the downstairs porch, it has one cushion on the seat (none on the back)and it's from the same fabric as the other swing.

I replaced the foam for 2 swing cushions, and covered 6 cushions and 6 pillows this week for less than $150 -- not bad! Cushions and pillows are pretty simple to do -- I don't add the cording or other fancy trims. These are outdoor cushions, after all. And I was lucky enough to find enough remnant pieces of matching fabric to cover it all, so that was a big money saver. These will probably hold up for 5 years or so, assuming we can keep the dogs off of them! so I guess we came out pretty well.


Carol Ruggles said...

Hi Jana. I always enjoy reading your blog. Those cushions are really nice! I like the colors!

Mrs. C said...

Nice job, Jana! The new cushions look great. When I saw the picture of the glider, I immediately a hanging swing would look wonderful there...then voila...your next picture...the hanging swing. I just love those things. They make me think of sweet tea, sunshine, and a good book to read.

Great job!

Kristine said...

Hey, Jana, drop me a private email if you live anywhere near that airport that I've been driving to this summer. If so, maybe we can meet up in person next summer, as I am guessing my dd and her friend will do the same trip again. :)