Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Night Visitor

I awoke this morning at 5:30. Not sure why -- my eyes just opened and there I was. Awake. So I got up and went upstairs, wrapped up in the afghan, and sat in my big comfy chair by the window in the dark.

I was just listening to the sound of silence, when I heard a clang right outside the window. At first I jumped (wouldn't you?) but then I recognized the sound -- it was the sound of the brand new ceramic birdfeeder I had just bought being clumsily opened.

I looked outside and could see that the bird feeder, which was hanging from a limb by a long wire, was being held up against the trunk of the tree. I couldn't tell in the dark what was holding it, but I guessed either a raccoon or a possum.

When I flipped on the outside light, a cute little raccoon peered back at me from behind his black mask. I should've taken a picture, but I was too concerned about my bird feeder. It is brand new, after all, and I just knew that clunking sound meant Little Raccoon was about to break the lid, and besides, we'd just filled it with birdseed!

So I went outside (thankfully remembering to turn off the alarm first), and clapped and hissed and chased him away, and brought the feeder inside. I'll have to figure out a better place for it.

Hmph. I enjoy seeing the wildlife around here, I just wish they'd cooperate with me and leave my stuff alone!

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Kristine said...

Yeah, good luck with that, lol.

My dh SEVERAL times has had to go searching the woods for our suet cage. Incredibly, he always finds it. For months and months, we wondered if it was a coon or possum, and we finally saw the coon. Now he tries to remember to take it in the house each night; they've figured out how to open the door too.

Same thing with the bird feeder, and the birdseed container, which is now in a metal can. They chew through plastic. :)

On the plus side, we have two fawns this summer that have been hanging around with their mama. It's the only time I really like the deer!!