Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY (August 11, 2009)...

Outside my window... There's a tufted titmouse right outside on the window sill -- I think he's hunting for spiders. He peers inside at me every so often.

I am thinking... do tufted titmice even eat spiders? Let me check my friend wiki --- turns out, no! They don't eat spiders. What they're doing on my window sill is using the surface of the sill to crack the sunflower seeds they take from the feeder.

I am thankful for... having my family back home safe and sound. There was a youth beach retreat this past weekend, and both kids attended; My Man was on staff. I had 3 full days of aloneness -- can you imagine? I love alone time for awhile; it helps me recharge. But 3 days is plenty, thank you very much. I'm pleased to have my babies back home and my best friend back by my side.

From the learning rooms... I'm finalizing our plans for beginning school -- next Monday's the day! This summer I've been trying to organize My Boy's assignments using Homeschool Tracker Plus. I've never ever been a "lesson plan type" of teacher, but my hope is that if I can bring it together with this program, the transcript it produces will be worth the effort. We'll see.

From the kitchen... right this minute, nothing. I'll start some coffee in a few minutes. After a weekend of not cooking, I need to take stock of my pantry and probably go to the store later today.

I am wearing... baggy navy blue shorts and a grey & white striped top. Bare feet.

I am creating... still a couple of knitting projects. Outside, I've been working on more stone pathways. I made one a couple of weeks ago leading off one side of the carport, and I had planned to build a smaller one this past weekend, but it was too hot. I'm a heat wimp. Once it cools down a few degrees, I'll get to it.

I am going... to a coffee night tonight with other moms of high schoolers. I hope we can share ideas and ease each other's fears of the task ahead of us of preparing our kids for college, but also I hope we can just have a great night of fellowship!

I am reading... not much, but I need to start reading my teacher notes for next week's lessons.

I am hearing... a few birds outside this morning. Loudest was a jay, but now I hear a softer trill of a bird I can't identify. I don't think I've heard that one before. They're probably announcing they are ready for breakfast. I've had to bring in my new birdfeeder since the raccoon broke it the other night, and put it back out in the mornings. The birds have really taken to that feeder, because it hangs from a tree limb and they love the protection the tree gives them while they feed.

Around the house... bags from the past weekend need to be unpacked. Clean towels that are still on my couch need to be put away (at least they are folded :-)

One of my favorite things... a breakfast of granola, fresh ripe peach, and soy milk. I'll go have some when I finish this posting.

A few plans for the rest of the week... I take my mom to the dentist tomorrow, and this weekend I'll take My Boy and My Girl to Charlotte to see Julius Caesar. We saw a production of this a few years back in a different town, but this one's free! so we're going again. Even though the kids aren't looking forward to it since "we've already seen it, Mom" I think they'll find it interesting to compare how the same play can look totally different when done by different acting companies.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... Here's a blue heron that hangs around our shoreline, and a tiny water turtle My Boy found on our dock steps recently.

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Mrs. C said...

Enjoy your coffee night out. That sounds like fun!

My daughter just went on a camp out this weekend, so I'm sharing the same feeling of having her back home safe and sound.

Thanks for the nice notes. I'm still in limbo because of dual enrollment issues, so I'm trying not to get stressed out with curriculum choices for classes I didn't think I would be teaching. Hopefully...I'll have it all figured out this week.

Take care & good luck with being back to school next week.

Michelle said...

I stopped by from seeing your sale books list. You have a very lovely blog. I hope you have a wonderful upcoming school year. Have fun with the school planning! :)