Friday, September 25, 2009

Birthday Heroes

My Boy turned 15 a few weeks ago, and it wasn't hard for him to decide how to celebrate.


He and his group of friends have become Heroscape enthusiasts over the last 2 years. Once a month, one of the boys hosts a war strategy game party at his home, and they all gather. Some months they play Axis & Allies, some months it's Kingmaker, but most of the time, it's Heroscape.

Haven't heard of Heroscape? If you don't have a teen or pre-teen boy, I'm not surprised. Heroscape is a game of war between all the heroes of history. There are vikings, revolutionary soldiers, gladiators, dragons, monsters, and even Marvel comic book characters. Players purchase figure sets at WalMart, Target, or online, at prices from $9.99 to $30. The sets come with figures of varying "strengths", and assorted pieces of terrain.

When you play, you set up the terrain however you want, and then you move your heroes all around the terrain using the playing cards that came with them as a guide for how they move and how they fight. You'll have a landscape with vikings fighting the Hulk, Greek soldiers fighting dragons, and the Silver Surfer attacking barbarians. Or something like that.

That's about the extent of my knowledge on how the game works.

I do know that you can collect as many sets as you want, because that's all My Boy wanted for his birthday. And all the boys who came to my house brought big boxes of heroscape stuff with them. My Man and I couldn't believe we were in the toy department of WarMart looking for birthday presents. We thought we'd done our last toy run a couple of years ago!

The boys had the downstairs rooms at their disposal. We rearranged the furniture, and borrowed a table from the church to give them more playing surfaces.

This is what it looks like when 8 teenaged boys invade your home with heroes and monsters.

The boys all love it -- it gives them a reason to get together for pizza once a month. And who wouldn't love that?

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Kristine said...

Jana, *My* ds just turned 11, and we've not heard of this--I should say, *I* haven't heard of this yet. But I have a feeling I will. What a great bunch of fun for the boys, exactly like you said, a great excuse to get together!

I didn't realize our oldest were so close in age (although I probably said this last year, haha). My dd turns 15 next week.

Happy Birthday to both your ds and to you and your dh!!!