Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My Daybook

FOR TODAY (September 8, 2009)...

Outside my window... All is dark. The sun hasn't yet risen, and I'm waiting for morning here in my comfy chair with the lamp on beside me.

I am thinking... that I rilly rilly need to get back to blogging! I think about you all the time. I take pictures all the time. But you know what the problem is? You're going to roll your eyes. I do, just thinking it. I always blog early in the morning, when everyone's asleep. My camera is here beside me, but my cable that connects the camera to the pc? It's downstairs! Why? I don't know. But I don't want to creep downstairs to get it and wake the whole house when the stairs creak. I am jealous of my mornings -- all alone, in the quiet, so peaceful. So I think, I'll get the cable later, and blog tomorrow. Then I forget until the next morning. And so it goes. I told you you'd roll your eyes...

I am thankful for... goodness, where to start? For my dear husband, my precious kids, our happy home, good friends, loving family. Life is good.

From the learning rooms... My Boy begins his online geometry class today. This marks another first for us -- I'm not teaching him his math any longer. I'm hoping that this will be another step in his independence and taking responsibility for his own learning. That's the ultimate goal in homeschooling, right?

From the kitchen... the smell of coffee is drifting over here to my chair. Time to go get a cup!

I am wearing... pj pants, a UNC basketball National Champions t-shirt (go heels!), and my big fluffy white robe. (How can My Man resist that?)

I am creating... a scarf for My Girl. Big Lots had skeins of fluffy novelty yarn for $1 each, and I bought some I thought she'd like. I finished her dress, my socks, and my cardigan. Pictures are in my camera, but the cable... Well, you know.

I am going... to take My Boy to get his driver's permit one day this week. Unbelievable.

I am reading... Nothing right now.

I am hearing... crickets outside. I can just see the outline of the trees across the cove, so the sun is beginning to rise.

Around the house... New perennials! Yesterday, My Man and I went to Lowe's just to look around, and we found a treasure! They had 2 full racks of spent perennials, in 1/2 gallon pots, for 50 cents each! We came home with oodles of rudbeckia, coreopsis, salvia, yarrow, and speedwell. I paid $21 for plants that would've cost $222 new. True, they look a little droopy right now, but I know they'll bounce back. Can't wait to see them next year. They are all supposedly deer resistant. We'll see...

One of my favorite things... watching the birds coming to our feeders. The hummingbirds have already gotten started this morning (or maybe they've been coming all night?) It's gotten light enough outside that I can see the silhouette of them as they flitter around the porch posts.

A few plans for the rest of the week... getting back into the school groove. Labor Day is a tough holiday for our schooling. We have a week or 2 to try to get in the school habit in August, then a 3-day weekend to get us out of sorts again, as the kids are reminded of the lost summer. So Tuesday after Labor Day is notorious for poor attitudes around here. Maybe today will be different?

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... This is a shot I took in the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco in June. This beautiful garden was one of the inspirations for me to spend a little more effort in working in my yard this year. Plus, we've had a slightly cooler summer here, and definitely more rain, so it's not been so discouraging as the last 2 or 3 summers have been. I encourage you to visit a local garden if you can. Your soul will enjoy it!

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Kathy said...

Thank you for sharing you Daybook with me - I love dipping into the thoughts of my fellow bloggers ;)

Have a lovely week - Kathy

Kristine said...

I love your pics, but I'm just happy to see you posting!

Did your ds get his permit? VERY exciting! Or scary. Or old-feeling, lol!

GREAT find on the perennials, wow! I begged my dh to plant day lilies. They were the favorite of the fawns and although Robert WATCHED them eat, he didn't want to scare them off! I couldn't believe it, I am thinking that was the best time to scare them away from those flowers forever! So much for day lilies....

We've been blessed by hummers this year, although I've heard they haven't been around other areas as much.

We've never made a big deal of Labor Day and usually start school that week. We schooled on Labor Day this year, and my kids were shocked to find out it was a holiday. The lack of mail delivery gave it away!

Good to catch up with you, Jana!