Monday, October 05, 2009

Monday's Daybook

FOR TODAY (October 5, 2009)...

Outside my window... It's still very dark out, but I woke this morning to the sound of rain. The forecast is calling for cool temp's today -- high of 62, good chance of rain all day. Wish I could stay home and enjoy a cozy day!

I am thinking... hmm... surely I'm thinking of something? I don't know if it's because I've been "out of the loop" from being sick, but there's really not much on my mind right now. Gee, that sounds horrible :-o

I am thankful for... a reprieve from sickness around here. My Boy had viral pneumonia a couple of weeks ago, and I had it all last week. My Girl ran a low fever on Friday and Saturday, but thankfully she seemed to be fine yesterday. Hopefully we're done with it!

From the learning rooms... My Boy is trying hard to catch up with his work. He learned a valuable lesson at the beginning of this year when he missed a week of good school time for driver's ed, followed by a week of being sick. He learned that as we get older, the world goes on and we have to do whatever we can to keep up or else we get left behind! His 3 toughest classes, chemistry, geometry and TOG, all run on a schedule determined by someone other than mom ;-) so he's got no recourse.

From the kitchen... Coffee's brewing! Tonight's a crock pot night since we're gone all day to co-op. I have beef tips, and I'm trying to decide between making a pot of vegetable beef soup or beef tips with mashed potatoes. The rain might be calling for soup...

I am wearing... plaid pj bottoms and a soft green t-shirt from Naples, FL.

I am creating... a new pair of socks. I'm learning a new technique of how to knit both socks at once on one long pair of circular needles. One of the reasons I've been so slow to finish socks in the past is that I HATE the second sock. You work so hard to get one complete, but when you bind off that first sock you just have to start all over on the second one. So discouraging! Now, when I'm done I'm done! I can't wait to see the finished pair. Hopefully, knowing how to do both socks at once will kick me in gear to use up the beautiful sock yarn I got for Christmas last year.

I am going... no where this week. Wow -- no plans to be anywhere but the usual running around. What a rare treat!

I am reading... mostly these days it's teacher's notes for TOG lit class. I wish I could say I'm being good and actually reading the books the kids are, but no, I just read my notes. The TOG kids are finishing Dante's Comedy this week, and will begin Canterbury Tales tomorrow.

I am hearing... the coffee pot gurgle. Time for a cup!

Around the house... we're in serious need of a pickup. We're doing a terrible job with our school books this year. In the past, we've kept everything downstairs in our basement and done all our schooling down there so the upstairs stayed relatively neat and visitor-friendly. For some reason, we've begun migrating upstairs to do our work and have been leaving our books scattered. There's no real "home" for our books up here, so I guess I need to create a spot (or, enforce the rules and make the kids take the books back downstairs!)

One of my favorite things... is the fall season. Octobers are so lovely here! The sky is crisp and blue, the weather is usually mild, and the falling leaves are beautiful. My neighbor has a nut-tree of some sort that stands next to his metal-roofed shed. Every October I'm reminded of the season by the steady sound of POP! when a nut falls to that roof. It's a familiar, comfortable sound for me and it never fails to bring me a smile.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Nothing much -- a trip to the doctor for My Girl (just a well-check) and the usual piano lesson and speech/debate class.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... This is my most recent pair of socks, made from gorgeous hand-painted yarn. I finished these a couple of weeks ago, and they are possibly my last pair of one-at-a-time socks!

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Mrs. C said...

Love the socks! My daughter is working on a pair right now. She just finished knitting a cover for a MP3 player for one of her friends. It was really cute. I didn't know you could do two socks at a time. I'll have to learn about that. We're like you are...we'd like to finish and be done; not start over again. ;)

You're so right. Fall is beautiful here. Enjoy the pop...pop...pop of the nuts.

Kristine said...

We had a bit of rain here this morning too, but we may be a little warmer than you. I'm so sorry to hear you've all been sick, thankfully that seems to be done...

We ended up buying a large buffet that we stash most of our school stuff in. There are two doors that open into one cabinet, shelves on the sides (with doors!), and even a drawer. I can't imagine where we'd put the day to day books without it!