Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fun Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We had a great Thanksgiving here -- my brother & sister and their families, and my mother, all came up to our place for lunch. We ate ourselves silly (or sleepy, as the case may be), watched some football and the Cake Boss marathon, and then ate again for dinner. I love a lazy afternoon with my family!

On Friday, our family did a little bit of shopping (but not at dawn!) and then we headed to Virginia to pick out our Christmas tree.

The tree farm we went to this year was just off the Blue Ridge Parkway near Meadows of Dan, Virginia. What a gorgeous afternoon it was for a drive on the parkway!

When we got there, we spent quite a bit of time looking for the perfect tree, and I took lots of photos (for a change :-) BTW, you can click on any of these photos to make them larger.

My Girl was always drawn to the short, fat trees.

Here are more miscellaneous family shots...

Here's the tree we picked out:

After we picked out the tree, they cut it down for us, loaded it on our truck,

then took us on a hayride through the woods to their log cabin.

There they gave us hot chocolate and graciously allowed us inside to warm up by the woodstove.

What a beautiful spot they have. I have to admit, I was making plans in my head to sell my waterside retreat ASAP so I could find myself a mountain top somewhere. It was truly a gorgeous setting.

Let the Christmas season begin!

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Kristine said...

Jana!!! Meadows of Dan is 35 miles away from me! (Okay, because it's over the mountain and down the Blue Ridge Parkway, it's about a 75 min. drive, but that's not far, relatively speaking!) Patrick County and (my) Franklin County share a border.

Love your photos, looks like it was beautiful out. Two things stuck out to me--your ds has grown very tall this year, and your tree is BIG!

Yes, come move out this way. I know a nice little library, lol, and a great church!