Monday, November 02, 2009

Today's Daybook

FOR TODAY (November 2, 2009)...

Outside my window... It's just beginning to lighten up out there, but I can see that there is a breeze wafting through the fronds of my hanging fern. I'll need to take those down soon, as the cooler weather has made them look a little worse for wear.

I am thinking... how happy I am to have a reprieve from crisis mode. In the last 2 months, we've had flu (2), pnemonia (2), broken wrist (1, but 2 bones), and bladder stone surgery (1 dog). My stress eating has been through the roof!

I am thankful for... a Panthers win last night! It's about time! And I'm happy for Jake Delhomme, our good-guy qb who has had such a tough season this year.

From the learning rooms... We're officially beginning our 2nd term today. Got all records keyed in over the weekend, report cards done, and all handouts for the upcoming term are printed out. I think I'm in good shape!

From the kitchen... Coffee's brewing! Right after I finish this post I need to make lunches for today's co-op, cook some chicken for my rice salad for today's lunch, and put a chicken in the crock pot.

I am wearing... pj's right now. My plan for today is a thin white sweater, black nylon "warm up" pants, and a gold-colored scarf. Black vest.

I am creating... a second pair of socks. I love the new sock technique I learned last month (called Crazy Toes and Heels socks), and have started a new pair with some yummy green sock yarn from Knit Picks that my sister gave me last year for Christmas.

I am going... just the usual this week (I think.) Co-op today, piano tomorrow, church youth group on Wednesday night, Speech & Debate on Thursday, and TOG Unit 1 Celebration on Friday.

I am reading... Austen's Northanger Abbey. It's slow reading for me these days, as I just keep a book in my purse/bag for those snippets of time I might find to read a page or two.

I am hearing... The coffee gurgling in the pot, and a plane flying overhead. An occasional ring from the wind chimes.

Around the house... the cactus' (cacti?) are in bloom. Most people know them as "Christmas cactus", but over here, they consistently bloom every Halloween. At least they aren't orange!

One of my favorite things... the sound of wind chimes. I finally got some new ones this summer and have been enjoying them ever since.

A few plans for the rest of the week... I guess I listed them above in the "I am going" section. I'm firmly entrenched in the chauffering season of life.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... Here's My Boy being cool and showing off his cast. He got a pink stripe in honor of Breast Cancer awareness month (His Grandma Ruth died from breast cancer 5 years ago.)

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Mrs. C said...

Whew....I'm glad you're all feeling better!

I'm not even close to figuring out our homeschool records yet. Hopefully soon. There's always so much to do. Good for you to have it done already! :)

Thanks for the sock link. I know my daughter will appreciate it. She's working on a hat right now.

Kristine said...

Records? Like in those black discs that play music? LOL

Sounds like life is back on track, settling into a good normal. Love that your ds opted for the pink stripe for his grandma.