Monday, November 09, 2009

Year 2, Unit 1 Celebration

Last Friday night our Tapestry of Grace co-op had its Unit Celebration for Year 2, Unit 1. We had a blast!

We have 18 families in our co-op, with groups for Lower Grammar (K-3), Upper Grammar (4-6), Dialectic (6-9) and Rhetoric (9-12). Just guessing, there were probably 75 folks there. The time period we had studied was from around 500 AD to around 1300 AD.

Lots of the kids (and even some of the moms) came dressed in medieval costumes -- we had princesses, knights, heralds, and even a dragon! The Lower Grammar class led us in a song (the Wassail song -- it was a little funny to watch 1st graders singing about their ale! :) and the Upper Grammar class treated us to a funny skit based on St. George and the Dragon (hence the costumed dragon who attended our feast!) The high school kids recited to us the General Prologue of the Canterbury Tales, both in Middle English and Modern English.

Several kids read to us reports they had written during the year, including My Girl, who took on the persona of a Viking housewife and told us about a typical day in her life. Lots of kids had made really cool crafts throughout the unit and brought those and showed them to us as well. We had "stained glass", catapults, dioramas, models of castles, coats of arms, and displays of the "Four Alls". There were also some really well-done TOG lapbooks on display.

While the kids were doing their presentations, we were all enjoying our Medieval Feast. We had so much good food! There were pork roasts, beef stew in trenchers, swine, spiced pears and apples, spinach tarts, bread and cheese, and almond cake. My Girl, lover of all things Japanese, took advantage of the week we studied Japan to learn to make rice balls, so she made those for the UC. They were yummy, too!

It was a fun night, but of course I didn't take any photos. This is me we're talking about, remember? I never remember to take my camera anywhere! I'll try to do better next time...

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Kristine said...

Great post, I love reading about your end of unit TOG parties. What a blessing to have such an active group!