Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rice balls

I was looking through some old photos on my hard drive, and found these from a couple of months ago. I realized I had taken them but never wrote the post to go with them!

At the end of Unit 1 of our TOG (this past October) our co-op group had our Unit Celebration. Every family brings a covered dish that relates in some way to the time period or geographic location/culture that we studied. We spent a week studying Japan during the Middle Ages, so My Girl (lover of all things Japanese) wanted to make some Japanese food. She had seen lots of references to rice balls in things that she reads, so that's what she wanted to make.

She found a few youtube videos that give step-by-step help in making them. It always amazes me what you can find on youtube...

Anyway, we went to the Super Target to find our ingredients, since the smaller store I usually use doesn't carry sushi rice or seaweed ;-) Then, we got started.

The first thing you so is cook your rice. I don't have a rice cooker (I know!) but it did just fine on the stovetop. Then we mixed canned tuna with mayonnaise and also sliced the seaweed as instructed in the video.

Once the rice was done, we set up an assembly line with a bowl of water for moistening our hands, the tuna, the rice, and the seaweed.

They're really simple to make. Wet your hands to keep the rice from sticking, then get a small handful of rice and shape it into a ball.

Use your thumb to poke a hole in the center,

spoon some tuna mixture in,

and plug the hole back with rice.

Then get a strip of seaweed and wrap around the ball.

They really weren't bad! We seasoned ours with soy sauce, and we weren't crazy about the seaweed. But they were pretty good after all. We made this plateful, and then realized they needed to be smaller so we'd have enough for the UC. So we made another plateful of rice balls about 1/2 this size. We ended up with about 25 or 30 of them, and were all eaten by the end of the night!

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Kristine said...

They look great! (I don't mind the very common sushi.) I think it's funny that you found the seaweed at Super Target!